SEDONA Support


For problems or questions with using Sedona, contact the CoB Web Team in BLB 240B or by email at

CoB is using a web-based, third-party application called SEDONA to collect, maintain and report faculty data for a variety of purposes, including AACSB accrediation. The application was designed and developed by an Accounting/IS professor from Tennesee University who is highly familiar with accreditation requirements and is continually improving the system as additional requirements arise. The system is used by many business schools around the country.

Accessing SEDONA

Getting Started

If you are not yet familiar with using Sedona, you may want to do the following once you've successfully logged in but before proceeding with entering your data:

  1. Change your password by clicking on the button on the lower right of the main screen. Make sure you have a way to remember what the password is since it could be long periods of time between accessing the system.
  2. Click on the "Responsiblities" button. This will open a brief audio file which explains some of the main reponsiblities you have.
  3. Click on the "Tutorial" button to view a short presenttion which gives a good introduction on how to use the system.
  4. Update your profile by clicking on the "Profile" button. Note: You do not have to upload your photo. We will do that for you. However, you are welcome to change it if you want.

Navigating the System

You might find it helpful to consider the SEDONA system a seperate application of its own, rather than a web page. You will want to get used to using the navigation buttons such as "Navigator" to return to the main page, and other navigational buttons within the page to move around the site. If you use the browsers Back/Previous/Forward/Next buttons, it may cause an error in the page, forcing you to log in again.

Additional Help

As you start entering data into the system, you may want to take advantage of several resources available from the site before contacting the Web Team:

Video Tutorials

To view a Camtasia tutorial of any module, simply hold the CTRL key and click on the module you want to learn more about.