Dr. John S. Baen
Department of Finance, Real Estate
Insurance and Law (FIREL)

College of Business Administration
University of North Texas

Office: BA168H 
Email: baen@unt.edu




Vita / Resume          

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3-Year Activity Report

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Thank you for stopping by the University of North Texas. I am a faculty member in the FIREL Department in the College of Business at the University of North Texas.

You may send electronic mail to me at baen@unt.edu.  You may access my resume/vita, including a simple preface, nicely printable (PDF) format. 

Dr. Baen quoted on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams 1/30/2008

A Subset of Published Articles of Broad Interest . . .

NEW!North Texas CCIM's Annual Sporting clays event

October 16th 2014

The Dallas Gun Club, Lewisville, TX

Please sign up beforehand in the FIREL Office, BLB 212

Investment / Economic Forecasts - 5 Year Sign Post to the Future! 2013 - 2018

AFRES Conference Paper-“Maximizing the Wealth of Nigerian Oil and Gas Development-While Preserving and Enhancing the Social, Economic, and Environmental Environment Solution for the Future!” References part 1 References part 2 References part 3

WHAT TO DO/ SAY WHEN THEY CALL!!  Pipeline Companies, Right of Way Agents, Oil Companies Perspectives Lecture Handout May 16, 2007 (PDF Format) Live Video at Barnett Shale Expo Presentation free at http://www.barnettshaleexpo.com/breakout_pipeline.php or view with Windows Media Player

The Valuation and Tax Considerations of Oil and Gas Rights and Pipeline Easements May 2008 Barnett Shale Expo

Oil and Gas Mineral Rights in Land Appraisal  (PDF Format)

The Impact of Mineral Rights and Oil and Gas Activities on Agricultural Land Values (PDF Format)

Fort Worth, Texas Real Estate Market Overview and Predictions 2005-2010 (PDF Format)

Fort Worth, Texas Real Estate Market Overview (Older 2003 Version)
CCIM Forum Presentation, November 2002. (PDF Format)

"The Implications of September 11, 2001 and Terrorism on International Urban Form and Various Classes of Real Estate."  (PDF Format)

Real Estate Newsletter


Country's First Endowed Chair/ Professorship Opportunity!

Research Papers

The "Standard Producers 88 Oil and Gas Lease in America" (PDF)

Contemporary Land, Oil and Gas Valuations, Estate Planning Opportunities, and Possible Strategies in the New Estate and Tax Environment (PDF)

Lessons Learned from the North Texas Barnett Shale: In Regards to the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale

Rural/Urban Energy Farms: Onsite Alternative Energy Production from Wind Rights, and Geothermal and Mineral Rights as Value Added or Potential Cash Flow Sources ARES 2007 (PDF Format)

Urban and Public Lands (BLM) Oil and Gas Site Planning, Drilling, Construction, and Production - Techniques to Reduce or Eliminate Surface Estate Value Impacts and Environmental Damages: Lessons From the Barnett Shale and Methane Gas Development (PDF Format)

Urban Functionality and Extreme Natural Disasters: The New Orleans-Katrina Case for New Federal Policies and Programs for High Risk Areas  (PDF Format) Accepted for Publication by American Real Estate Society (ARES) Journal of Real Estate Literature

Cost/Benefit Analysis and Ad Valorem Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas Drilling in the DFW Barnett Shale of Urban and Suburban North Texas  (PDF Format)

Urban and Public Lands (BLM) Oil and Gas Site Planning, Drilling, Construction, and Production -Techniques to Reduce or Eliminate Surface Estate Value Impacts and Environmental Damages   (PDF Format)

CCIM Forum Presentation, November 2002

The Future Value Implications of E-Commerce on Urban Form, Office, Warehouse, Residential and University Owned Real Estate

The Effects of Technology on Retail Sales Commercial Property Values and Percentage Rents

Advances in Cutting Edge Technology in the Real Estate Profession

The Coming Downsizing in Real Estate: The Implications of Technology
Abc's of Real Estate

  Other Real Estate Organizations for Students & Alumni

Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association
2006 Membership Application in PDF Format

South Texan's Property Rights Association
Membership Application in PDF Format


Real Estate Forms for Student Use

Various real estate forms are available from Formulator Software at www.formulator.com if you are interested in visiting their web site. Licensees may obtain copies of the new forms on the TREC web site at http://www.trec.state.tx.us.

In the future we hope to have the forms available through this web site.

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