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Access CoB Applications (via VMware View)

To Connect VMware to a USB storage device

Access CoB Applications (via VMware View)

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Remote access to College of Business applications is provided by our VMware View virtual desktop system. You can connect to different "pools" of virtual machines, based on your needs and entitlements, from any internet connected computer.

Windows users: To access the CoB virtual desktop system, you will need administrative access to the machine you intend to connect from.  Simply navigate to one of the following links to download the VMWare View client.

For 32-bit systems -VMware-viewclient-5.3.0-1042023
For 64-bit systems -VMware-viewclient-x86_64-5.3.0-1042023

  1. Run the downloaded .exe file to start the installarion.
  2. Follow the installation wizard to complete installation.
  3. When prompted to enter a connection server, enter

Mac OS X users:Note that PRIOR to connecting to the CoB virtual desktop system for the first time, you MUST install the VMware View Client for Mac. These can be downloaded from the following links:

VMware View Client for newer Mac systems -VMware-Horizon-View-Client-2.0.0-1049726- Mac OS X users (Minimum Requirements MAC OS X  Snow Leopard (10.6.8), MAC OS X Lion (10.7), MAC OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or newer 

When prompted to enter a connection server, enter

To run the client simply double-click the VMware View Client desktop icon:

Set the Connection server to and make sure the "Log in as current user" box is unchecked and click Connect.

Respond to the UNT Computer Use policy notice and, when prompted to login, use your STUDENT EUID credentials:

Make sure you change the Domain to STUDENTS for non-employee student access.

You should then see a selection dialog similar to the following:


We suggest you change the Display: to Window so you can more easily get back to your home/local machine. Click Connect and the View Client will then open in a new window to the virutal machine.

When finished with your session, simply close the View Client window and then Logout of the View Portal.

Please remember that the virtual desktop system is a limited, shared resource and you should only remain connected as long as necessary to accomplish your task.

To Connect VMware to a USB storage device

  1. Make sure your USB device is plugged in.
  2. Click on Connect USB Device at the top of the VMware window.
  3. Select your USB device from the list.


Disclaimer: The machines are not persistent. This means anything you store on them will be gone the next time you use a machine. Please use other sources of storage for your files.