Web Print

Students are now able to print to the BLB black white printers from a web enabled remote location. Print jobs will be added to a BLB print que and then released in the BLB labs.

Only certain file types are allowed:

Web Print Directions

  1. Login to with euid and password
  2. Click on Web Print
  3. Click on Submit a Job
  4. Select “cob-labs-ps\BLBLAB-Xerox-Printer (virtual)”
  5. Click on Print Options and Account Selection
  6. Select number of copies
  7. Click on upload documents
  8. Drag and drop or use the “Upload from computer” button to select your “allowed” file types
  9. Click Upload & Complete to upload your documents to the print que
  10. Logout

Print jobs not released within two hours of their submission will be deleted