Business Major Mentor Program

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The College of Business Major Mentoring Program is geared toward proactively reaching out to new North Texans and connecting them to CoB and the UNT community. Many new students, whether freshmen or transfers, experience loneliness and isolation during their first year in a new school environment. Others are looking for a way to get ahead or better navigate the university. Some of you may have experienced the same feelings. The Business Administration Major Mentoring Program seeks to minimize these feelings by matching new students who are majoring in Business with supportive, experienced students who have already faced the challenges of working within this major in a new environment.

What is Mentoring?

The term and meaning of "mentoring" apparently derives from ancient Greece; the word "mentoring" comes from the Greek word for "enduring". Although the stories vary, around 1500 BC King Odysseus was off to fight the Trojan War and needed to entrust the upbringing of his son, Telemachus, to a wise man who would teach and raise the young boy. The wise man would help the boy learn what was right and just, listen to his questions, and generally assist him to become a person of value and integrity. This wise man's name was "Mentor". The role of the modern mentor is little different from Mentor's role 3500 years ago.

Benefits of being a CoB Major Mentor:

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