CoB Profile

Ching-Chung Kuo


Department of Management

Phone: 940.565.4749

Office: BLB 385P

Office Hours: T, W, R, 2-4:00pm or by appt



Ching-Chung Kuo's main research interest is in mathematical modeling and solution of problems in supply chain management. Holding a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University, he teaches classes in operations management and related areas at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He recently received the Best Paper Award from the 2013 World Congress of the International Management Development Association and co-received the Best Research Paper Award from the 2012 International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management. Among his latest publications are: Ojha, D., White, R. E., Rogers, P., & Kuo, C.-C. (2015). Information processing-related infrastructural antecedents of manufacturing flexibility - A real-options perspective. International Journal of Production Research, forthcoming; Kuo, C.-C. (2015). A review of heuristic and optimal aircraft boarding strategies in the U.S. airline industry. In M. Warkentin (Ed.), Trends and Research in the Decision Sciences: Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference, Chapter 23, pp. 313-330; Kuo, C.-C. (2014). An improved zero-one linear programming model for the plane boarding problem. In K. Lawrence & G. Kleiman (Eds.), Applications of Management Science, Volume 17, Chapter 4, pp. 53-69; Kuo, C.-C., Li, Z., & Ma, J. (2014). On path floats in a stochastic project network. International Journal of Applied Management Science, 6(2), 136-151; Kuo, C.-C., & Li, Z. (2014). Supply chain analytics in the era of big data. In J. Wang (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization, pp. 2350-2363; Kuo, C.-C., & Nicholls, G. (2014). A turnpike approach to solving the linear bottleneck assignment problem. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 71(5-8), 1059-1068; Li, Z., & Kuo, C.-C. (2013). Design of discrete Dutch auctions with an uncertain number of bidders. Annals of Operations Research, 211(1), 255-272; Kuo, C.-C. (2012). A comparison of two statistical estimators in inverse prediction. International Journal of Applied Management Science, 4(2), 189-202; Li, Z., & Kuo, C.-C. (2011). Revenue-maximizing Dutch auctions with discrete bid levels. European Journal of Operational Research, 215(3), 721-729; Kuo, C.-C. (2011). Optimal assignment of resources to strengthen the weakest link in an uncertain environment. Annals of Operations Research, 186(1), 159-173; White, R. E., Ojha, D., & Kuo, C.-C. (2010). A competitive progression perspective of JIT systems: Evidence from early US implementations. International Journal of Production Research, 48(20), 6103-6124; Kuo, C.-C. (2010). An efficient heuristic for the single-facility Euclidean location problem. International Journal of Industrial Engineering - Theory, Applications and Practice, 17(2), 156-167; Fleming, E., Kuo, C.-C., & White, R. E. (2010). Funding e-procurement initiatives in U.S. government agencies: Challenges, models, and trends. International Journal of Procurement Management, 3(3), 231-246; Kuo, C.-C., & Pietras, S. (2010). Applying regression analysis to improve the dyeing process quality: A case study. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 49(1), 357-368.